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Chris Brogan is a very well known figure around social networking and business circles. As his bio states, his strength “is in connecting passionate people together for business, collaboration, and networking.” His blog, named simply, is just a part of what he does to advise businesses, organizations, and individuals in utilizing social media and social networking. – Why You Should Go

This is one of those blogs that give you the opportunity to learn from the experts to succeed like the experts—at the best price to you, only the investment of your time. Chris writes about many topics related (and some less related, but equally interesting) to social networking. He helps readers learn about the basics and effectively utilize the tools available to them—both simple and complex. In short, what Chris does is make social networking and social marketing manageable for the average person or business, putting the power of the new web behind your business.

If this will be your first visit to, be sure to visit his post for new readers, where he points you toward the best and basics for getting started in social media.

Summing Up Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan’s approach to business in the new electronic era is similar to that of people like Chris Garrett and Liz Strauss. To Chris, business is about relationships first and business and products second. Those relationships are what he helps to build by teaching people how to build them. Chris is one more resource available to help you build a bigger, better blogging or business you.

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