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ProBlogger is just one blog maintained by Darren Rowse, a fast-risen star of the blogworld. Darren is known to many as one of the co-founders of the popular b5Media Network, where he is also the VP of Blogger Training. But before b5 (and still today), Darren was a blogger—a professional blogger, and one who has an abundance of knowledge to share.

ProBlogger – Why You Should Go

Darren describes this particular blog as being “‚Ķdedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.” In a nutshell, that is what the blog is. It is an opportunity for bloggers of all shapes and sizes to learn from a professional making six figures a year as a professional blogger. From newbies to veteran bloggers, anyone can go to Darren to learn the ins and outs of successful blogging and monetizing (making money!) from your blog.

Darren’s sage professional advice deserves your attention regardless of the intentions of your blogging and your goals for it. If yours is a personal blog, interest for which you wish to gain more attention and readers, or a steady calling you’d like to make a go of as an income source, the blog tips (really, strategy and expertise) that Darren offers is what you need to meet those goals. He’s also shared his blogging wisdom in a book he co-authored with the equally upstanding Chris Garrett, ProBlogger, Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income.

Summing Up ProBlogger

Not all professionals are as quick to reveal the secrets of their success; so when you find a guy like Darren Rowse who is, you should definitely take advantage of his generosity. Darren isn’t someone talking about how it could maybe be done, he’s telling you how it is and has been done. He is a preeminent leader of the blogosphere, dedicated to watching it grow and taking a firm hand to be sure that it does.

This is a great time to visit ProBlogger, too; Darren and wife just welcomed their second son on June 15th – Father’s Day for many of us, but not for Darren in Australia (although he says he’s happy to celebrate this one, while giving all due credit to his wife for her efforts!). Darren will be taking paternity leave for the next couple of weeks, but has lined up a list of guest bloggers and revived some of his best posts to keep things interesting. This could be a great opportunity to see who the pro’s follow, rely on, and respect.

Go here to check out ProBlogger.

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