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Online Marketing Pundit

Frederick Dendy, or “Rick” as his on- and offline friends call him, is a self-described “web marketing geek” (hmmm…..sounds like someone else I know, Sean Rasmussen :) ). That makes him just one of those guys you want to be visiting in your blog rounds if you do any kind of business online.

Online Marketing Pundit – Why You Should Go

Rick knows SEO (SEM, and all those other nifty abbreviations that equate to making money online). He is a web marketing professional who has been in the business for years, and who is graciously sharing what he knows free-of-charge for all who care to follow along on his blog. The blog is packed with useful information about starting and maintaining a small- to medium-sized business; or, in his own words….

“I realize that most small to mid size companies do not have the resources or knowledge available to take their online marketing efforts and strategy to the next level. It is my goal, to provide you with short and understandable online marketing strategy, actionable items to improve your web site, information about available marketing tools, and the latest in best practice advice. Everything you will need to improve your online marketing efforts and reach that next level.”

Rick delivers on his promise, too. Rick’s posts are understandable, which makes them actionable—two very important pieces to the puzzle of online success for resource-limited small and mid-size businesses.

Summing Up Online Marketing Pundit

Rick Dendy is putting his knowledge out there for you. All you have to do is stop in and grab hold, and put it into practice. With Rick’s ongoing online marketing help and knowledge, you’ll find that worlds easier than going it alone.

Go here to check out Online Marketing Pundit.

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