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Jamie Le Souef

Jamie Le Souef is the founder of Basil Creative, a “total Business Marketing Solutions company” specializing in “Online services such as Website Design and Development.” His blog, which simply goes by his name, Jamie Le Souef, is an extension of his business. On his blog Jamie delivers a number of helpful tips and mini-tutorials to help readers learn and utilize processes and programs. And oh yeah-he likes to entertain from time to time, too.

Jamie says his small company uses “inspiration, experience and quality service” to ensure customer satisfaction and success in a personalized way. Clearly, he operates his blog in much the same manner.

Jamie Le Souef- Why You Should Go

Jamie Le Souef looks to be a resource for both the experienced and inexperienced user. He breaks down various applications step by step in ways that make the use of a program or feature clear (or at least as clear as these things can be) and helps readers learn to install and use these applications themselves. This is a valuable (free!) service that can really help demystify computer and internet technology use for the masses.

On a lighter note, Jamie really seems to like engaging in some fun, posting comedy videos of funny monkeys and Tom Cruise parodies (but who wouldn’t?). Clearly, he’s not all work and no play, a feature that is refreshing on any blog and shows the humanity of the writer. It’s also a welcome distraction to regular readers on such a tech-heavy blog.

In addition to the goods Jamie offers on his own site, a handful of links to other resources and off-topic blogs of interest are listed on the site.

Summing Up Jamie Le Souef

Jamie’s blog has been active for a little more than half a year now, but it is already packed with a number of useful tips, tutorials, and comedic relief. Jamie’s blog is a good one to keep up with to track the changes and applications that can make e-life easier and learn what to use and how.

Go and check out the Jamie Le Souef blog for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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2 Responses to “Wit & Tech Wisdom From Jamie Le Souef”

  1. Jamie Souef Says:

    Thanks for your review! And your right, who wouldn’t take a shot (in a comedy way) at Tom Cruise :)

    Thanks again – Great site!

  2. Sean Says:

    Thanks Jamie. Good old Tom Cruise. He’s been around (acting)longer than most and everyone has a go at him. The video was very humorous, though!

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