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Married With Luggage

Warren and Betsy Talbot are Married With Luggage. What does that mean? In a nutshell it means they are a happily married couple who enjoys their marriage and world travel. But they were not always able to enjoy their loves until they made some life alterations that let them finally put things into perspective and set some priorities—namely, LIVING!

Married With Luggage – Why You Should Go

The blog’s intro says it all, just about:

“Get a life! That’s right, you heard me. Stop existing and start LIVING. Get out of debt, surround yourself with people who support you, eliminate the junk and start designing the life of your dreams.”

That’s a succinct version of just what Betsy and Warren did, and a succinct explanation of what the blog is all about. Married With Luggage may sound like a title for the Warren travel journal (and on some days it is), but really it is a description of what they have achieved by prioritizing life. To maintain that focus and to help you achieve the same, they have started this blog.

Summing Up Married With Luggage

This blog is the perfect example of a couple who have finally achieved the real life dream—of doing what you want, having the time to spend together and in meaningful relationships, and letting work and finances be secondary to really living life (in true means-to-the-end fashion). If you think it can’t really be done, or flounder for a start, visit this blog and see just how possible real life really can be.

Go here to check out Married With Luggage.

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