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Tiny Farm Blog

Tiny Farm Blog is the ongoing story of one man’s foray into organic farming and gardening. The blog is all about the process and the pleasure of getting back to nature and growing it into a marketable hobby.

Tiny Farm Blog – Why You Should Go

Tiny Farm Blog is one of those blogs that proves that there are people out there really “doing it”. The farmer (who remains anonymous in an effort to focus on the farming and not commercialize his blog) started with next to no gardening knowledge, and after eight years had grown his small farm into enough of a success that it required a move to a bigger and better location. The farm is organic all the way and making it happen with minimum tools and maximum effort—an effort that for this farmer is all reward.

Posts on the blog are a daily chronicle of farm planning and activities, complete with photos and detailed step-by-step accounts. In addition, the blog extends into other areas of learning and interest such as how to get started in microfarming, politics and related news, and learning resources for gardening, storage, and beyond.

Summing Up Tiny Farm Blog

The Tiny Farm has big heart, and is an excellent information resource for people interested in similar projects. It is also an excellent learning resource for people who may not have the means or desire to undertake this type of project themselves, but who like to see how things work. There is also quite a lot to be learned here about the real story behind where your food comes from and the meaning of certain labels and marketing tactics. All in all the blog is an interesting read and a unique educational experience.

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