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Trying Fitness

Trying fitness is a site created by a woman who struggled with her weight for years. She hated to exercise, but finally realized that getting fit was the only way she would ever keep her weight in check. She blogs about her own struggles and gives thorough information on new types of fitness activities and exercises so that her readers don’t get bored with their fitness routines.

Trying Fitness – Why You Should Go

This blog is, of course, one of the thousands out there on eating right, losing weight and staying active. However, it’s different in its honesty. The site’s tag line is “Trying Fitness – Because You’ve Tried Everything Else”, which sums up weight struggles for most people who have faced them.

In addition to the author of the site, Eartha, being someone many people can relate to, the site is also full of great information. It seeks out new and unusual forms of exercise so that readers find it easy to change their routines up on a regular basis to avoid boredom. The site also has regular interviews with different types of fitness experts and there’s a regular weight loss blog.

Summing Up Trying Fitness

In short, this is one of many weight loss and fitness blogs out there, but it’s refreshing because it’s honest and written from the point of view of someone who has struggled with weight issues rather than a personal trainer who’s been buff for 20 years.

Go here to check out Trying Fitness.

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