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Copyblogger, the work of founder Brian Clark, has been guiding bloggers, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs through the maze of online marketing and business since 2006. Brian brings his extensive knowledge and expertise, which he gained the best possible way—through experience—to his blog where he offers tutorials, applications, services, and general advice for bloggers and for businesses using blogging and social media as a marketing and promotional tool.

Copyblogger – Why You Should Go

Copyblogger is one of those resource sites with something for everyone. Bloggers and writers can use the blog to gain valuable insight into boosting blog performance, while businesses with an online element (whether expressly an online business or an offline business with an online presence) will learn how to maximize their business blog for optimal performance. The blog is targeted primarily towards entrepreneurs and business bloggers, but the information there is useful for a variety of online bloggers and professionals, and so it has gained a huge following of people who need to know.

What Sets Copyblogger Apart

What sets Copyblogger apart, though, is that it is a blog that teaches the basics of blogging and online marketing, but then goes a step further. Brian Clark goes beyond the given‚Äîthat blogging and online marketing are necessary‚Äîto show readers how to ‘one up’ the competition. He says on his About page that online marketing is not just about doing, but doing better and more effectively. As Brian says, anyone can post words on a page, but it is your copywriting skills that will really sell you and set you apart; those are the skills that Brian works to develop through the blog.

Summing Up Copyblogger

Copyblogger is the place to go not just to learn about blogging and online marketing, but to learn about doing it better. This blog is an excellent resource, packed with more resources and links, a great value for your time investment.

Go here to check out Copyblogger.

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