A Real Way To Approach Positive Thinking

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Positive Thinking

“Deep,” “uplifting,” “inspirational,” “blessed,” are all words used to describe Kenny McBride and his blog, Positive Thinking – A Realistic Approach (which officially enters our ranks as our first blog from Scotland—congratulations, Kenny!). What is it that people are talking about? It is the realistic, life-centered, practical approach that Kenny uses to help people form their lives into one that is more positive and content.

Positive Thinking – Why You Should Go

These descriptive words from Kenny’s bloggers say a lot. Positive Thinking is worth your while because it does present realistic ways to maximize your life through positive thinking. Kenny’s approach is not entirely unique, but his realization of why this works just might be. He says, “Failing to accomplish your goals is a common trait. The reason for this is your approach to goal setting. Planning your goals around the life you have will ensure you get to the life you want, it’s just a simple strategy of one step at a time.”

Kenny’s advice and posts are very much grounded in starting at the point you are at to build a pathway to success that always includes you and the life you are living, and not just focus on a future far away. It’s a concept shared on various levels with other success coaches and experts, but one that may this time be communicated in a way you haven’t considered; perhaps one that you can connect with more easily.

Summing Up Positive Thinking

Kenny McBride shares some proven concepts on his blog, but puts things in terms and perspectives that make it easy to relate and implement. As he says, if you need, or “know someone who needs a little help in their life…tell a friend about this blog” and see if it’s not the one that finally makes simple sense of positive living for you.

Go here to check out Positive Thinking – A Realistic Approach.

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4 Responses to “A Real Way To Approach Positive Thinking”

  1. jaky Says:

    I think positive thinking should be the way of life. we should never forget to think positive no matter what. Situations seem to change with time. Positive thinking is of great help

  2. Kenny Mc Bride Says:

    Hi Mary,
    May I just thank you for the above review of my blog. As you rightly said, this is nothing new, I am not trying to re-invent the wheel but I am just attempting to get people to come back down to earth a little when they set goals. I love to hear the stories of someone who has changed their life just a little but how big an impact that little change made to their lives. This is the message and approach I am trying to get accross.
    Again, thank you for helping me get the message accross,

    Best Wishes,
    Kenny Mc Bride

  3. Mary Ward Says:

    You’ll find many to agree with you around here, Jaky!

    @Kenny, You’re welcome. I’m glad I got your concept right. I think that approach helps a lot of people who think success is for someone else. It also helps to keep the focus on the most productive–you!

    Thanks a lot for your blog, I’m glad to have been introduced to it.

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