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My Super-Charged Life

Jeff Nickles is a man with a passion and a mission. His passion—to live life to the fullest, in all aspects and in every way; his mission—to help you do the same.

As Jeff explains it, he has “always believed in living life to the fullest so I have spent numerous hours researching this subject in books and on the Internet.” Moreover, he has spent a lifetime implementing what he has learned through literal adventure and reading, and then brought all of his learned and earned knowledge to his blog so that you and all of his readers can experience the kind of life fulfillment that he has.

My Super-Charged Life – Why You Should Go

If the promise of a super-charged life isn’t enough of a reason to go to this blog to at least see what’s there then there really isn’t much more to be said to encourage you. But in the interest of putting the best effort forward, let me highlight a bit of what you’ll find there:

• Posts gleaned from personal experience living the super-charged life.
• Posts gleaned from extensive reading and ongoing research into maximizing life’s potential. (From Jeff: “I take the best of what I find and write about it here making it easy for others to locate and use.”)
• Personal lessons learned through action and adventure (including riding in an F-15, snorkeling in Cozumel, Colorado white-water rafting, and experiencing the Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland).
• Weekly round-up posts on the best of the net in personal development in seven categories, including striving for excellence, being financially wise, commitment to a cause, leadership by example, the entrepreneurial spirit, continual learning, and, naturally, adventure!

Summing Up My Super-Charged Life

Jeff Nickles has had some excellent life adventures to be sure, and clearly he is living life large. But that does not mean that a person with a more low-key lifestyle cannot benefit from his super-charged blog. Jeff’s attitude shows that he understands the perspective of success and fulfillment; “It doesn’t matter how you define success or in what profession you work. The principles of success are the same.” And when you know those principles of success, you know how to capitalize upon them for you own good and self-interest. That is what Jeff’s Super-Charged life example is intended to do. Visit Jeff today and be inspired to make the most of all yours days!

Go here to check out My Super-Charged Life.

Mary Ward
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2 Responses to “An Invigorating Path To A Super-Charged Life”

  1. Jeff@MySuperChargedLife Says:

    Mary – Thanks for the terrific review of my site! I truly enjoy writing about ways to live life to the fullest and I sincerely hope others will benefit. I look forward to reading more of your reviews in the future!

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    And we look forward to having you around reading them (and Digging them , and commenting on them… :) )

    It is really obvious from reading your blog that you enjoy what you do. That in itself is contagious, and I’m sure you’re helping many others to super-charge their days and lives. Thanks for that!

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