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Buzzing With Ange

AngesBiz is a blog dedicated to helping people help themselves. Ange is big on self empowerment, personal development, and personal and financial success. This is a place to go to open your mind to the possibilities within you, to learn how to enhance your thinking and develop the mindset of success that will help you make more of both your personal life and finances.

From Ange:

“My posts will revolve around Personal Development, Wealth Creation, as well as Emotional Intelligence and Financial Intelligence. There will also be some spiritual guidance tucked in there as well.”

AngesBiz- Why You Should Go

According to Ange’s main website, her mission is to inspire; her energy, acceptance, and openness do just that.

Buzzing With Ange is fun and upbeat (the way a blog dedicated to motivation should be!) with a wealth of diverse information and resource links related to her topics of personal development, success, self empowerment, and motivation. But don’t expect the same old ‘you can do it’ from Ange that you read everywhere else. Ange’s information comes from varied sources and takes on the issue of motivation and success using things like spirituality, the Law of Attraction, fundamentals of financial intelligence, emotional intelligence and more.

Refreshingly, Ange is not afraid to take on ‘taboo’ subjects that link all of life to success (like her post on sex & success). Ange interjects quite a lot of experience and personal failure and success, too, showing her readers that not only is she human and facing the same life obstacles as the rest of us, but she is walking, breathing proof that it can be done.

Summing Up AngesBiz

To sum it up, AngesBiz is a well established, active blog community (with archives reaching back to August 2006) that takes personal development to new frontiers, offering valuable motivation, support, and resources that are not overdone in empowerment circles on the net.

Go and check out AngesBiz for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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11 Responses to “AngesBiz – A Place For Motivation, Inspiration, And Support”

  1. Ange Recchia Says:

    WOW Sean… I am really blown away! Thank you for your kind review… May you be blessed.

  2. Sean Says:

    No worries, Ange! I suppose it’s good you have a great blog, otherwise the review may not have been as good :)
    Seriously, thanks for being First Cab Off The Rank and being a Self Starter. You might find a few links mysteriously making their way back to your blog.

  3. Ange Recchia Says:

    Cool… and I look forward to the blog reviews to come! Cheers

  4. Sean Says:

    Hey, I have 2 more ready right now! I don’t want to post more than one per day at the moment. Stay tuned!

  5. Divine Says:

    Thank you for posting this article. I also try hard to find inspiration as much as humanly possible and this article helps tremendously. My appreciation to you is in the highest sense.
    To show you my gratitude I would like to share with you a post I found that also helps with this:
    Thank you indeed. I hope it helps you and others who read this as much as this post of yours as helped, please keep up the incredible work in helping others!

  6. Sean Says:

    Thanks Devine. Inspiration is important for all of us. It drives the engineroom of our souls (I hope that didn’t sound to deep). In any way, it certainly fuels us to get through the hard times and to enjoy life at every moment.

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  9. Rick Says:

    Inspiration and Motivation, a wonderful combination. I’ve been living with hiv/hep c for 17 years and that is what has kept me alive. It’s all about the attitude!

  10. loopzer Says:

    Thx for your time

  11. Self Hypnosis Says:

    Hello! from Orlando. I am a fan of your blog

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