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True Quotes

This is not the first blog of this kind that we’ve reviewed here; if you recall, a while back we stopped in at Dexter the Quote Guy’s Quotes…In Our Own Words Blog. True Quotes is a blog that shares a lot of similarity with Dexter’s blog, with a somewhat broader topical range and author Ann’s own personal touch.

True Quotes – Why You Should Go

True Quotes has a refreshingly simple format. Ann simply gives us a quote for the day, one to each post, and then takes just a couple of paragraphs to offer commentary on it. Whereas Dexter’s blog is based primarily on quotes focusing on positivity, Ann’s blog is a bit more liberal, including quotes on all manner of subjects. Says Ann, these are quotes taken

“…from a variety of sources including authors of classic literature and poetry, Holy Scripture, writings of the saints, and possibly even bumper stickers!”

—anything she finds that inspires her and she thinks will inspire you to thought and contemplation. Topics can run the gamut from inspirational and positive, to commentary on human nature and character. It’s all to get your thought processes moving and to make the written word meaningful to you in a personal way, the way that it is to her (to that end, be sure to see Ann’s Meaningful Project).

Summing Up True Quotes

Visiting True Quotes will only take a few moments out of your day, but those few moments will be enough to inspire you to thought. It will be a few moments very well spent at this interesting and inspirational blog.

Go here to check out True Quotes.

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