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Today our round-the-world blog reviews take us to Bandung City in Indonesia to the blog of Arswino Sonata. One of Arswino’s favorite activities is sharing with people and inspiring them to live a happy, motivated life of success. This young and promising blog is his means to that end.

Inspiration & Motivation – Why You Should Go

We do see a lot of blogs in the blogosphere that are set up as motivational personal development blogs. To be sure, we have seen many here, not least of all because mindset and motivation are of primary importance to our host, Sean Rasmussen. It seems that each of these blogs have a slightly different take on the secret to life’s success, and a slightly different package for its delivery. Arswino’s blog, though, is truly unique.

Inspiration & Motivation aims to inspire mainly through storytelling. Arswino Sonata has a gift for locating stories with great morals for living, and it is these that he chooses to use to best illustrate his thoughts and beliefs.

Summing Up Inspiration & Motivation

Arswino’s approach to motivational blogging is thoughtful and entertaining all at the same time. It’s an easy and enjoyable place to visit, one that makes easy, short work of inspiring your day.

Go here to check out Inspiration & Motivation Blog.

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  1. farouk Says:

    i like inspirational quotes, they help me reframe bad events by seeing them as opportunities, thank u:)

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    I’m with you there Farouk!

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