Glenda Watson Hyatt Continues To Inspire

Lorelle on WordPress Glenda Hyatt featureWe’ll come back to the blog itself for later review (because it certainly is deserving in its own right!); this blog caught my eye today because of the feature recently posted about Glenda Watson Hyatt, whom we reviewed a short time back for her amazing and inspirational Do It Myself blog.

(Re) Introducing Glenda Watson Hyatt

To refresh the memory, Glenda Watson Hyatt is the author of and a book also aptly titled I’ll Do It Myself. Glenda has Cerebral Palsy, and uses blogging as her largest outlet of communication with the world. She has become a true source of inspiration for so many, and a much sought-after presenter at conferences and seminars, including Blog World Expo.

Glenda’s Story

This recent feature post is found on Lorelle on WordPress. Lorelle was privileged to have Glenda share her story with her, which is shared in a video on the post.

It’s a wonderful thing to see Glenda get her due attention, and an inspiration to see her story. Take a minute to visit this site and be inspired by Glenda—and learn more about the amazing ways blogging has changed lives.

Go here to see Glenda speak on Lorelle on WordPress.

Has Blogging Changed Your Life?

Glenda’s story has me thinking about the unexpected ways something as simple as blogging can change a life. How has blogging changed your life? Please tell us your own story in the comments below.

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