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Quotes…In Our Own Words

Sometimes the best blog concepts come from the simplest of ideas, as we’ve seen with blogs like Comical Comments and the like, and as we are about to see with Quotes…In Our Own Words (yes, this is about to be one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” moments).

Quotes…In Our Own Words is a blog that takes the inspirational quote just a step further, and turns it into not only a motivational tool, but also a subject of thoughtful discussion.

Quotes…In Our Own Words – Why You Should Go

Dexter the Quote Guy is a person who just “likes to spread a positive word.” And like most people, he finds that one of the most direct and meaningful ways to do that it to borrow the words of those who have said it best—the people from history and modern times who have produced the most concise, pointed, and hard-hitting quotes to inspire and teach.

What Dexter has done with these quotes on his blog is used them as a launching-point for discussion and positive thinking. With each post Dexter delivers one or a few quotes of interest (and from time to time stories and links of importance to make a difference in the world). He then talks a little about what each means to him, and opens the floor for discussion and growth among his readers. His inspiration grew from an interest in the Law of Attraction, and so his theme follows much along the same lines towards success, fulfillment, and positive living.

Summing Up Quotes…In Our Own Words

Sometimes the best way to say something is to let someone who’s already said it best say it all. And sometimes the way to make that into more is to share it and add a few thoughts of your own. That is what Dexter has done on his blog, a place where you can go for a regular fix of positive thinking.

Go here to check out Quotes…In Our Own Words.

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