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The Unknown Candidate

The Unknown Candidate is a liberal blog dedicated to the most important events going on in Washington. They follow hot topics like the healthcare debate closely with a very liberal slant. The blog is current and posts some very interesting articles. The author remains anonymous, but lists his basic beliefs on the site.

The Unknown Candidate– Why You Should Go

The blog is current and politically relevant. It’s a good place to keep up with the most important political news. The blog uses news article and guest writers on a regular basis, so the writing is fresh and comes from different points of view. The author is committed to some very basic ideals that most Americans would share. His method of obtaining these is what will be questionable to more conservative readers.

Summing Up The Unknown Candidate

TUC is a fresh and interesting blog about today’s politics and newsworthy items. It is, however, decidedly liberal, and likely, bordering on offensive to most Republicans. They use a variety of writers and post news from other sources, as long as it is in line with their political view.

Go here to check out The Unknown Candidate.

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