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Nature Remains

When all else is said and done, at the end of the weary day, when things are going well or not-so-well, there is always nature remaining. It is a haven for blogger Nina, who shares her forays into her haven with the rest of us through her blog, Nature Remains.

Nature Remains – Why You Should Go

Nature Remains is a work of love for Nina. In fact, I’m not sure that it’s “work” so much as it is therapeutic, or simply living, but at any rate her passion for the natural world of Southwest Ohio, USA, is obvious. Nina steals every free moment she can to be out in nature, capturing the moments through her photos and poetic posts. You can find Nina

“…Grabbing every minute I can find to be outside–walking in it, sleeping in it … breathing it in. The natural world has so much beauty to uncover. It is my hope that by capturing my experiences with nature and by sharing the richness it adds to an ordinary life, others may discover the greatest gift waiting just outside their door.”

Summing Up Nature Remains

Nina’s blog is calming and inspiring. Her photos are fantastic, and the creatures and scenes she captures are nothing short of wonderful. Nina has an apparent eye and patience for the natural world uncommon among most, but that perhaps we can learn through her example. Be inspired by Nina and her natural world, and get out to enjoy your own!

Go here to check out Nature Remains.

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