Exploits of a Military Mama

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Exploits of a Military Mama

Mrs. Trophy Wife writes about her life as a temporarily single mom while her husband is on deployment. Her life changed dramatically and quickly. Shortly after finding out she was pregnant, her husband got deployment orders, and he left shortly after their son Sullivan was born. This 23 year old mom has been navigating the waters of parenthood essentially alone for nearly a year.

Exploits of a Military Mama – Why You Should Go

All Moms will love Mrs. Trophy wife. She shares trials and tribulations that we can all relate to. She handles situations with aplomb and humor. She also tips her readers off to some really great products that moms everywhere can appreciate.

Summing Up Exploits of a Military Mama

Honest writing from a real military wife who gives us the straight scoop, but does it with humor and great doses of reality. Moms everywhere, especially those who are parenting alone, can appreciate what Mrs. Trophy wife going through – and writing about.

Go here to check out Exploits of a Military Mama.

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    That’s a nice site. The little baby is so cute!

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