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Adventures In Parenting

Adventures in Parenting comes to us from among the many great links on the blogroll of Freakedout Fathers. It is the parenting blog project of Katy Lee, a mother from Walnut, California, USA riding the roller coaster adventure that is parenting for more than 20 years now.

Adventures In Parenting – Why You Should Go

That’s more than 20 years of first-hand experience to share with her readers, both mothers and fathers from all around the world sharing the common goal of raising “good” kids—a challenge for sure, but one Katy Lee has risen to meet! A mother of four, both boys and girls, Katy Lee has gone through every stage of child-rearing and family life from infant to young adulthood. That’s a definite qualification for an author of a blog on parenting.

In explaining her blog, Katy Lee says,

“This site is here to talk about raising our kids to be people of compassion, integrity and character. Here you will find support for you through practical and simple advice on raising “good” kids with conservative values.
The Adventures of a parent are many – the good, the bad, and the ugly! Everything I write on this site are experiences I’ve gone through. Most of the ideas I share have been used with my own children.”

Summing Up Adventures In Parenting

Katy Lee’s Adventures in Parenting blog is a very hands-on, real-world approach to raising content children who become functional, contributing, “good” adults. Check out all that Katy Lee has to offer (including not only her blog, but podcasts and newsletters as well), and gain an ally in the fight to maintain a happy, healthy parent, child, and family relationship.

Go here to check out Adventures in Parenting.

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  1. Katy Says:

    Thanks for the review!
    How about reviewing this site

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    You’re welcome! You have a great blog, there. Thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to check it out!

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