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Radical Parenting

Radical Parenting is a website written about parenting from the teen and tween perspective. The writers of the blog are teens and tweens, many of whom write anonymously, about creating better relationships between kids and parents.

Radical Parenting – Why You Should Go

As a parent, this blog is extremely interesting; as it gives you insight you could probably not get from your own child, but which you can use to improve your relationship with your own child.There are lots of great articles and programs here for parents and for kids. You’ll find tips on talking to your kids about drugs, sex, online behavior, bullying and more. And, you’ll get good insight into how kids feel about these things and how you can talk about important issues openly and honestly.

Summing Up Radical Parenting

Radical Parenting is a website, written by teens and young adults, about parenting from a kid’s perspective. Lots of useful information about how kids view the world and tips on ways to talk to your kids about sensitive subjects. This site gives parents of teens hope that kids really do want to have a good relationship with them.

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