Sharing Life’s Journey As A Single Mom

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Solo Dot Mom

Solo Dot Mom Katherine has many firmly held beliefs. She believes that contentment can come from encouraging others and spreading self-confidence, and she believes we all write our own stories. Katherine has quite literally been writing hers as she blogs about the single parenting life at her blog, Solo Dot Mom.

Solo Dot Mom – Why You Should Go

Most people can imagine (whether they have the experience or not) that being a single mother presents its own unique challenges. It stands to reason that there should be places where other single mothers or fathers can go to get first-hand help and support. Katherine’s blog is one of those places. Katherine very openly explores the trials and challenges and the celebrations, too, helping other single parents find their way and garner support from a peer. She describes her motivation and her blog in this way:

“I am a single mom with two kids and dating. On my blog I wish to share encouragement to other single parents. I do strive to keep it real and yet positive when I can. I do share the “rough” as well as the blissful times with my readers. Keeping it real means you will see the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.”

Summing Up Solo Dot Mom

Katherine shares insight into her life with openness and compassion. Her blog is both her chronicle and her gift to others, a practice in helping other single parents succeed.

Go here to check out Solo Dot Mom.

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