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At times it can seem like the generations in the extremes of life are the ones who get all the attention (young children, for example, or the elderly); either that, or the generation caring for respective generations do. What often goes unnoticed is that not all people fit into these nice, tidy categories, leaving an entire generation of people straddling the in-between, dealing with the care and responsibility for both sides. It’s a group of people coming to be known as the “sandwich generation;” one that comes with their own set of very unique, and often contradictory, needs and obligations. GenBetween is a glimpse into the life of people living the great divide.

GenBetween – Why You Should Go

There are many resources to help parents of young children, and many to help children of aging parents. In the past there was little to be said for the people who were doing both simultaneously. As the average life expectancy continues to rise, however, and people start families later into adulthood, this new generation of ‘tweens continues to grow—and so, too, do the challenges that duality creates. Fortunately, the attention upon it continues to grow as well, and resources like Elizabeth‘s GenBetween blog continue to emerge. This is a blog for people in the middle to share the unique trials and triumphs of the sandwich life, sharing what is learned along the way.

Summing Up GenBetween

GenBetween is a real-life resource for the people dealing with parenting and parent care all at the same time. Elizabeth shares her experiences and insights, tips, tricks, news and information. Come to this blog to learn what may be in store for you, learn some good ways to cope, or just to find a supportive voice.

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