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Three Peas in a Pod

Three Peas in a Pod is a blog for moms, written by a mom. Tiffanie Doyle, the blog’s author shares her ideas, tips and humor about motherhood and all the trappings that go along with it. She also shares news and information she finds that might be helpful or interesting to other Moms. As the mom of an autistic child, she provides great insight into the challenges and joys of raising a child with autism.

Three Peas in a Pod – Why You Should Go

Three Peas in a Pod is an interesting website for Moms, where they can find information to make life with children a bit easier and a bit more fun. You’ll find news and humor along with craft ideas you can use with your little ones.

Summing Up Three Peas in a Pod

A fun and interesting website for Moms who enjoy reading tips for moms and who enjoy finding fun and interesting things to do with their children. Moms of children with autism may find particular interest in the site. The site provides humor along with good information to help all sorts of moms out with their daily lives.

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