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York Daily Photo

Hearing about life in a place is one thing, seeing it is quite another. As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and this photo blog shows life in York, North Yorkshire, UK in ways no words ever could.

York Daily Photo – Why You Should Go

One of the gifts of blogging, one we continue to celebrate here at Digg It, is that it can take you around the world and back in a matter of minutes. And while we so enjoy reading about living in faraway places, we love to see them, too. So it is with great appreciation that we enjoy blogs like Ruby‘s York Daily Photo, completing the vision.

The blog itself is as you would expect, a photo journal of life in and around York, and also of places along Ruby’s travels. Ruby is keen to describe a bit about the pics, too, and share just enough to construct a quick, easy, enjoyable post and read to accompany her impressive photos.

Summing Up York Daily Photo

The foundation is simple, the photos are wonderful, the company friendly and informative. There’s not a lot else to ask from a blog, but this blog delivers it all. Stop by for the scenery and stay for a short chat.

Go here to check out York Daily Photo.

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