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Photos From Haninge

Photos from Haninge is another wonderful photoblog chronicling the life, people, and times of a small town in Haninge, Sweden (Södertörn, to be exact). This blog is the work of Steffe, our virtual host to life in small-town Sweden.

Photos From Haninge – Why You Should Go

Steffe is lucky to live in a place full of beauty—both natural and manmade. We are lucky that he has elected to share it with us in the form of his daily photo blog.

What is particularly inviting about Steffe’s blog is that it is one that depicts more of the daily life in Haninge, and not a blog based on tourism. Steffe really seems to capture living in Haninge, not just “the sites.” All of that, and he does it with unique, clear, inviting photos that showcase both his eye and his skill.

Summing Up Photos From Haninge

Steffe joins the ranks of photo bloggers dedicated to showcasing their homes in the way they really should be shown. He offers unique visions of his far-off place along with descriptions to help us get to know the sites and people of Haninge ever better.

Go here to check out Photos From Haninge.

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