Glenda Watson Hyatt Still Going Strong

Every time we start talking about exceptional people with special needs and exceptional skills, my mind goes back to Glenda Watson Hyatt of the Do It Myself Blog.  And so, I thought this was a good time to check up on Glenda and what she’s been doing.

Still Glenda

For those of you who are not familiar with Glenda, aka the “Left Thumb Blogger,” take some time to get to know this inspiring woman.  Glenda has cerebral palsy and has been categorized by doctors as being “non-verbal,” but her blog definitely proves otherwise!

I’m happy to report that Glenda is still every bit Glenda, still cracking jokes and working away, putting the rest of us to shame.  She is currently working on her presentation for SOBCon 2009 and taking up the battle of making the internet and social networking sites accessible to people with all types of disabilities, not just those with visual impairments as so often seems to be the case.

Glenda continues to be one of the most inspiring bloggers around.  Revisit this old Digg It favorite for a healthy dose of knowledge and inspiration, and a great many laughs, too!

Go here to check out Do It Myself Blog.

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