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Beautiful Spectrum

It seems we’ve just missed World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, however, as the parents of these wonderful children will tell you, every day is a day for raising the consciousness and understanding of this disorder and for getting to know the people who live with it. Inspired by Amy’s Short Stories and some wonderful blog links from that blog, we come now to Beautiful Spectrum.

Beautiful Spectrum – Why You Should Go

Beautiful Spectrum is Halo‘s journal of life with “Twinkle”, her non-verbal autistic daughter. The blog is an insight into the world of autism wherein Halo shares the struggles and the triumphs of life with an autistic child. It is a wonderful resource for outsiders to learn more about autism and the capabilities and special needs of these children and their families.

Summing Up Beautiful Spectrum

Autism is a very difficult disorder for the lay person to understand. And so, these blogs from the children, parents, and families who are courageous enough to share their experiences with the rest of us are a true gift of awareness, insight, and understanding. Come along with Halo and her daughter as they journey throughout this Beautiful Spectrum and add a new level of understanding to your knowledge of autism and related disorders.

Go here to check out Beautiful Spectrum.

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3 Responses to “Life Along The Beautiful Spectrum”

  1. Hal0 Says:

    Thank you so much for a lovely review. You made my day when I was shown this.

    Thank you

    Me and Twinkle xx

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    You’re so welcome! I’m glad to have made your day! Thanks for the blog, I’m really enjoying all of these.

    Don’t forget we do accept suggestions for other blogs to be reviewed (either yours or someone else’s) so if you have suggestions just leave a comment with a link.

    Thanks Halo!

  3. rainbowmummy Says:

    Yay, Halo! So nice to see a review for Beautiful Spectrum. It is important we get the accepting blogs seen! What with all the focus on all the people fighting for cure, gah!

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