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Rick’s World

Rick’s World seems in many ways to be much bigger than the average person’s. He’s lived a lot and experienced much, and seen things that the average person would never see, leastwise not through his side of the lens. His blog is the place where he shares his thoughts and these experiences, and it all makes for some very interesting and contemplative reading.

Rick’s World – Why You Should Go

Rick is, or was in his former life, a self-described “wanderer.” It is his wandering and the experiences he’s had along the way that has made him the person he is today; they have also been his motivation for blogging and telling his story:

“Over the years I’ve traveled extensively across the United States, living life as a wanderer. I have experienced things that most people can only imagine. I’m here to offer to you my unique perspective. Every story is true, and the articles are backed up with supporting facts. Some names have been changed to protect identities. Truth can be stranger than fiction.”

Rick’s story is interesting and in many ways curious, and very often emotional. But his stories are also insightful in a way that sets the mind to thinking and wanting to think more about this shared life- and world-experience.

Summing Up Rick’s World

Rick’s World is a young blog, and quite honestly so young that it normally would have been put on the list to revisit once it had a little more “legs” to it; but there is a great advantage to getting in on a blog at so young an age, particularly in this case. There is still time to catch up on Rick’s World and all his thoughts and experiences, and get to know Rick better. From there, there is just no predicting where his life and times can take us.

Go here to check out Rick’s World.

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