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It Might Be Love

Weekends seem to be the time for bloggers to spread their linky love, but this blog-love post is of a slightly different sort. This time we’re reviewing a blog that is actually about love, in all its forms and incarnations.

It Might Be Love – Why You Should Go

Anything that you can do to grow loving relationships in your life is worth while, and is sure to improve your life. This blog, written primarily by creator and writer Chelle with help from her contributing authors (like Damien Riley of Damien at The Speed of Life), covers many topics related to love.
One of the top focuses of the blog, as you might expect it to be, is love as it applies to dating, relationships, and marriage. As Chelle points out, though, love exists in many things, and so the blog also includes posts to help you learn to love or appreciate the love you have for other things, like tasks and hobbies, work, life, and generally “…all things related to love.” Chelle says, “Love can be just about anything – from romantic love to family and friendship love to the love we have for things like ice cream and music.”

It Might Be Love posts range from discussions and advice to the finer points that help keep your love alive. “It Might Be Love provides advice articles, dating and relationship resources, creative gift ideas, love poetry and quotes, music and book reviews, and everything else we love in between.”

Summing Up It Might Be Love

It Might Be Love is a place to explore the concept of love, and also to cultivate your own. Come here for everything love-related, whether that is to find ways to grow love in your life, or to finally learn how to buy appreciated, meaningful gifts for the people you love. And if you’ve got something to share, as Chelle says, don’t be shy! Guest posters and contributors are all welcome.

Go here to check out It Might Be Love.

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