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The full name of Successful Blog is ‘Successful and Outstanding Bloggers’; it’s a good indication of what Liz Strauss’s blog is about. But don’t write this one off as just another blog about blogging, because it is really much, much more than that, and if you pass it by you’ll be missing out on all the rest that is Successful Blog.

This blog may have started as a blog about blogging, but over the years (we’re talking at least three, here) it has grown into something much larger. Today, Liz Strauss and her blog are recognized as one of the leaders in the field of not just blogging, but also personal empowerment and online business coaching.

Successful Blog – Why You Should Go

Very few bloggers or coaches exude the kind of warmth and support that Liz Strauss does‚Äîor the level of real-world, effective strategy and business sense. Hers is a unique approach to blogging and business, one that has been described as “relational”. Her blog has been described as “both a destination and an event.”

Not only are posts timely and informative, but the blog is also highly interactive, enveloping a “pay-it-forward” attitude. Liz invites all her bloggers to engage and share, join the team as an SOB or BAD blogger (which you’ll have to learn more about at the blog), join in the weekly Open Mic night (held Tuesdays, Chicago, Illinois, US time), or just drop the occasional comment.

Even more impressive is the fact that Liz is such an active presence herself. One might think that a blogger this popular would have a hard time connecting with her readers, but Liz makes it a point to engage with each and every visitor whose presence is known—new or old.

Summing Up Successful Blog

Liz’s philosophy is that, “Relationships are everyone‚Äôs business, and every business is relationships”. She uses this as her guide to building a highly personal blog aimed at creating a community of leadership and success. Day by day Liz Strauss guides her readers to build a path to success, one post at a time, and welcoming visitors with the motto, “you’re only a stranger once”; stop being a stranger to Liz Strauss and her unique blogging community. Get your daily dose of information and business acumen at Successful Blog.

Go here to check out Successful Blog.

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