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Change Therapy

Change Therapy is the blogging work of a real psychotherapist, Isabella Mori of Vancouver. Her blog is focused much as her practice is on helping people change for the better and build better lives. On her practice page she tells us, “I’m here to assist you in creating a good life. Through conversations, we’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, and we’ll find and implement solutions that will bring you more direction, clarity and joy” which she does in an insightful way.

Change Therapy – Why You Should Go

Isabella’s way is to use her vast experience and knowledge of her field to approach the many recurring themes that she sees in her practice. In addition, she approaches topics that are important to her and that she feels are important to share. Included in the regular categories are topics ranging from eating disorders, religion and spirituality, depression, and chronic pain. Posts also include common difficulties faced by clients including a lack of clarity, joy, and direction, and also guest posts from readers she has helped. To be sure, the potential for readers to identify with the topics approached is great.

Summing Up Change Therapy

Some readers are surprised to see that a professional counselor would maintain a blog, but the fact that Isabella does is a credit to her. Blogs like this expand access to good information in some very important subject areas, and also to help readers see that no one is alone. Exposure like that is sure to go a long way towards helping people get help, and towards helping people overcome their own difficulties.

Go here to check out Change Therapy.

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    thanks so much for the review!

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    You’re welcome, Isabella. Thanks so much for the blog :) !

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