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Intrepid Ideas

Intrepid Ideas is a blog that promises to take you where your thoughts dare not let you go. It breathes life to the secret thoughts you wish would live with an energy and courage that few have. This blog is anonymously authored so that the focus can be on the thoughts, and less on the person thinking them; because the author truly feels that the blog and the process is not about him, but you, or at the very least, “us.”

Intrepid Ideas – Why You Should Go

Intrepid Ideas is a blog with a mission. That mission is, in part, to “…spread some fresh courageous ideas through this blog as well as create a somewhat cryptic archive of my travels and thoughts. Through music, media, and prose, I hope to stimulate thought – exercise my creative side – and solicit feedback from the human race. Most importantly, I hope to realize some sort of growth from this experience.” To this end it has been a great success. The blog offers a diversity of posts from the philosophical to the political, all offered as insightful rather than inciteful. That is to say, the blog is not an effort to sway politically, but rather to induce thoughtful consideration of all subjects broached.

Summing Up Intrepid Ideas

Intrepid Ideas is a blog about thought and ultimately action, as stimulating thought really has no point without the latter. It is a blog charged with energy, sure to get you more fired up about the impact of your own mindset and the courage to give life to thoughts otherwise left unsaid.

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Mary Ward
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  1. Intrepid Says:

    Mary Ward,

    I was delighted to read your review. Thank you for taking the time to write such a complimentary piece. I’ve enjoyed paging through your other reviews. You are an exceptional writer.

    All the Best,


  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Well, now I’m blushing, but the compliments are very much appreciated–thank you.

    I am very glad you were pleased with the review. Thanks for stopping in, I do hope we see more of you!

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