Daring To Face Discomfort

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The Discomfort Zone

This may sound like it has the makings of being a review of another outdoor adventure blog, taking us off across the world to climb the highest peaks or plunge to the deepest depths. Most decidedly, this review is not that. But it is an adventure that takes no less courage, even though you are guaranteed to enjoy the ride.

What is this, then? This review is of The Discomfort Zone, the blogging home of Tim Brownson‘s life coaching blog; it’s a blog where reality meets life and butts heads. Who comes out the winner is up to you.

The Discomfort Zone – Why You Should Go

Tim Brownson is an accomplished UK Life Coach, with credentials in both the US and UK. He is also the author of the book, Don’t Ask Stupid Questions, and, a life-coaching blogger.

What’s different about Tim and his blog is his approach to life coaching. Tim’s solitary goal is to bring you to the brink to face your real problems and discomforts, and then laugh your way to finding resolution and success. In his words…

“I am passionate about coaching but I am just as passionate about having fun and enjoying what I do. I want my clients to bounce out of bed on the mornings they are coming to see me because they know that they will have a great time moving towards their dreams. If you don’t like smiling or laughing then I’m probably not the coach for you!”

Summing Up The Discomfort Zone

If you don’t like to face your problems in reality, then this is not a blog for you. Tim is not going to pull any punches to make justify your current situation; he is going to tell you like it is, share a few thousand laughs with you, and force you to put some real effort—work!—into achieving your goals. He makes no false promises here; he just delivers a healthy dose of reality to get you into that discomfort zone, and into a real course of change. If that sounds like something you can handle,

Go here to check out The Discomfort Zone.

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