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Life as a Christian Woman

Reconciling religion and spirituality in the context of modern life is becoming increasingly difficult. For women this can be especially true, since many traditional translations of the Bible and religion are not supported by modern progressive rights and movements. Nevertheless, the need for direction and spiritual fulfillment is strong. How then, does a person, especially a woman, live both a modern and a Christian life?

These are the topics that Linda Williams explores in her blog, Life as a Christian Woman.

Life as a Christian Woman – Why You Should Go

Linda’s insightful posts are part Bible study and part personal reflection. She takes her readers on a path through religious exploration and Christian translation, and strives to carve a place where Christianity and modern life can still meet and coexist. She does this by discussing various possible applications of the Bible to modern life, as well as discussing what she sees to be the true intent of the Word of God.

In Linda’s blog, neither modern living or Christianity exclude the other. As Linda says, “Some topics are easy, such as Christ died for our sins. Others, like divorce, single parenthood, work, and submission to our spouses are more challenging.” But she still tries to make sense of it all; of course she also says, “Then there are days we just need a good laugh with God.”

Summing Up Life as a Christian Woman

Linda Williams sums up her blog best when she says that this blog is a place to “‚Ķlearn practical faith in an impractical world.” It’s a blog written by a woman, but with a message that all can use as they explore their own personal beliefs and spirituality in an arena that is not pressured or judging. That freedom of religious exploration is something everyone needs in order to enjoy a meaningful spiritual experience.

Go here to check out Life as a Christian Woman.

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