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Perseverance is a part of life, whether we like to admit it or not. Lori is one blogger who is not afraid to face that battle, ongoing as it is. Her blog, Perseverance, is one of her weapons. The other is her faith and belief system.

Persevere – Why You Should Go

Lori’s blog is most decidedly about persevering, but it is equally about her faith and spirituality. Lori’s deep-seeded faith in God is what allows her to persevere. It is what helps her get through life, despite adversity and challenges. On her blog, Lori opens her faith to her readers, posting articles of inspiration and faith, and also assistance, too.

Another side to this blog is Lori’s perseverance in her faith in a world that is not always in support of that goal. Hers is an excellent example of how blogging can help to maintain a personal belief system and/or goal, while finding community support and focus.

Summing Up Persevere

Lori’s Persevere blog has an important message for all—to continue to persevere and live a life of import. This is a blog that will resound with Christians, but also one that will be of interest to those of lesser faith. Posts are well-thought through, delivering messages of spirituality, encouragement, interpretation, and…perseverance.

Go here to check out Persevere.

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