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As Spirituality author/editor Aura is ready to point out, everyone has questions about our origins and about spirituality. For some those are questions of religion and for some they are questions of creation; for others they are questions regarding the fundamentals of being human and the meaning of it all; and often, the questions that we have are a combination of all of these, and much, much more. And as Aura tells us on her ‘About’ page, “…It’s not strange or unusual to ask these questions of yourself and of the universe, no matter what your upbringing.” It’s just human. So does she claim to have the answers?

Spirituality Guide – Why You Should Go

Aura does not make claims of grandeur, and she does not promise to provide the answers to all of your questions for you. What she does promise is to work with you and with her greater community in search of them. She says, “Spirituality Guide isn’t going to answer those questions for you. Rather, this site is a place where you can explore all these and more. This is a place to question and contribute. And maybe find yourself along the way.”

To this end Aura and her contributors offer posts that are a combination of history, theory, and theology and religion. The questions relative to spirituality and the human condition are explored in some very new (as in, not solely mainstream religion), interesting, and insightful ways. Through discussion and research and contemplation Aura invites her readers in to explore the many potential meanings of things, and to help as she can as you find your own personal meaning and answers to questions of being.

Summing Up Spirituality Guide

If you are looking for a person who can tell you precisely where the word begins and ends, you might not appreciate what Spirituality Guide has to offer. But if you are looking for a level of enlightenment to help you decide for yourself mysteries like, ” Is there a God? Are we alone in the universe? [and] What does life mean?” then you will surely appreciate what Spirituality Guide offers. This is an open community where guest posters are welcome, as is discussion and community contribution. It’s not a place of answers, but it is a place of contemplation and personal exploration.

Go here to check out Spirituality Guide.

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  1. Paul Maurice Martin Says:

    Sounds interesting, I’ll take a look -

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    You won’t be sorry you did! Lots to get you thinking here.

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