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Imaginif…it’s the simple statement that precedes every effort at the blog that bears the name. In itself, it is a compelling statement. Combined with the rest of what’s going on at Imaginif and its parent site, it is a powerful statement indeed.

Imaginif – Why You Should Go

Imaginif is the blogging extension of Australian therapist Megan Bayliss‘s website, also named Imaginif. The website and the blog center on primarily two initiatives that stand strongly together and alone, but in the end go hand in hand.

“Imaginif…personal development and child community protection were serious business”

For Megan, it is. Megan has leveraged her experience as a parent and her experience in social work and therapy to develop an innovative program to empower children and keep them safe. She has coupled that with an innovative work at home program, one which she invites everyone to participate in. The icing on the cake is her blogging and work in the realm of personal development—something you can benefit from on its own, or in combination with these other components.

Altogether Megan Bayliss is doing some very important work, work that we all need to be aware of as people who care for and about children (whether you are a parent or not). Her business also gives her a way to extend that important work far beyond her own scope. Whether you subscribe to the business end of her blog or not, there is more here that you need to know, and more that you can do to better the lives of children as you better yourself.

Summing Up Imaginif

Megan’s work and her blog create an interesting symbiosis of opportunity and awareness. It’s a whole lot of goodness all in one place, and an experience you need to have to fully understand it all. Take some time to explore Megan’s site and her blog, and see how much more you can do for yourself and young children everywhere.

Go here to check out Imaginif.

Mary Ward
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3 Responses to “Imaginif…You Were Doing Such Important Work!”

  1. Megan from Imaginif Says:

    Oh Mary: How simply wonderful are you? Thank you so much for your marvellous review and recommendation. I am very grateful to you.
    Child protection is very important to me and I evoke the Law of Attraction to the safety of our collective kids.
    Life is good and my part time, work at home business is leaping ahead because I, 1) Ask, 2) Believe and 3) Receive.
    There is an abundance of goodness and wealth in the world and I am grateful that I have my share.

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    You are most welcome, Megan. I was intrigued by your topic, and also by how you’ve managed to accomplish your work and your goals. It’s an all too important pursuit, and it deserves as much attention as it can get! As a mother of 4 myself, child protection is something that is all at once very scary and also near and dear to us. Seeing the issue go larger than what is taught at school or the occasional doctor’s visit is very encouraging!

    Keep it up! I’ll keep watching!

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    [...] her, too. Much in the same vain as community child protection is both a business and a passion for Megan Bayliss, internet safety education and awareness is a whole-life passion for Jace. This blog is your online [...]

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