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Sinosplice is the work of an American living abroad in China. It is the blog of John Pasden, an American teacher living abroad in China, sharing his life and the experience of being a stand-out in the Chinese crowd.

Sinosplice – Why You Should Go

John Pasden has been residing in China for more than eight years now, having moved there shortly after completing his language degrees in his native U.S. The blog started out at first as a way to stay in contact and constantly update his family, friends, and colleagues, but John was soon to learn that there was a broader interest in his blog as well. Today John’s blog is one among several other expat and related blogs, a growing network that John actively works to support.

Today John uses his blog more for enlightenment than for contact. His posts include many related to his work and experience as an English language teacher in China, and his efforts to become a truly fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese (because as John says, “One can simply never get the clearest view of a house looking through the dirty window or observing what comes out of the house. You have to go in.”).

John’s hope for his site is to increase people’s awareness of the land and the culture in which he has immersed himself. It’s an experience few can truly relate, and so a level of understanding of the culture few can offer.

“If you have not lived overseas in a non-English-speaking country, it may be hard to understand the world of difference fluency in the language makes. Language is key to cultural understanding.”

“I hope that my site can provide you with some understanding of China and the Chinese language that other sites cannot. I won’t deny that it’s also a personal site, but let’s face it—being in China is a big part of who I am now, and any view I present of China here is inextricably tied to who I am as well.”

Summing Up Sinosplice

John Pasden is living a unique life, with no plans of changing it any time soon. That is fortunate for those of us just now finding his blog, as we still have time to learn from his unique perspective and experience.

Go here to check out Sinosplice.

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