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Articles Of Intent

Articles of Intent is a second blog-work of Dexter the Quote Guy (of Quotes…In Our Own Words). Much like his first blog this blog is also a place for open interpretation and discussion, with the discussion being focused on the Law of Attraction.

Articles Of Intent – Why You Should Go

On this blog Dexter searches the web for articles about the Law of Attraction, and then, much in the same fashion as Quotes…In Our Own Words, offers his own interpretations and thoughts before opening the floor for discussion. On this blog, as on his Quotes blog, all discussions and interpretations are welcome—positive or negative or in between. All that is asked is that discussion be interpretive and civil, and all opinions are welcome.

Summing Up Articles Of Intent

Articles of Intent offers the chance to explore the secret surrounding wealth but by default it serves a useful second purpose—that of compiling a library of articles and information about the Law of Attraction. This is a place for community discussion and learning, but also an information resource focused tightly on the subject of success.

Go here to check out Articles Of Intent.

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