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I Profit On Purpose

For Mary Anne Fisher, there is no profiting by accident; nor is there any accidental failure. There is only success or failure that comes as the result of a purposeful path of action and planning—or the absence thereof. It’s a strategy that Mary Anne came to understand after 20 years in corporate marketing and sales, and one that she brings now to her readers through her blog and her business.

I Profit On Purpose – Why You Should Go

Mary Anne understands the allure of online entrepreneurship. She also understands the very simple reasons why most people fail, or at least fail to achieve their goals of online profits with their online information businesses.

What Mary Anne understands is that most people, and also most online business marketing programs, do not account for the two most important aspects of growing an online business:

1. The person (that’s you—the unique person behind the business), and
2. The planning (for the long term, not just flash success).

Lots of online entrepreneurs will have one or the other, but few have both. The ones that do find success.

“A strong personal foundation is the primary ingredient in an information publishing success recipe. This foundation is comprised of your desires, beliefs, values, passions, strengths and life purpose.

Until you identify and know how to leverage these fundamental aspects of yourself, it’s virtually impossible to create the kind of information publishing business and lifestyle you truly desire.

The next key ingredient in a recipe for success is profit-generating marketing methods and tools… but only those that are just right for you and your business.”

Summing Up I Profit On Purpose

On her blog, Mary Anne goes much deeper into the facts and actions behind her strategy and online success. It is an extension of her own information publishing online business and coaching and consulting firm. This blog is packed-full of both business and personal strategies and explorations to make you a successful online information entrepreneur, and step-by step tutorials that walk you through the process from fledgling to full-fledged online business success.

Go here to check out I Profit on Purpose.

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