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There is a back-story to how I came across Christine Kane‘s Blog. It goes something like this:

I wanted to find a blog that focused on New Year’s Resolutions—being that that is the spirit of the season and all. So I searched amongst our faithful search engines for a resolutions blog. I found many to help you deal with conflict resolution (maybe for another day) and resolutions to legal problems, before finally finding, on the second page of results, a few return for blogs about New Year’s resolutions. However, true to so much resolution form, they had a few dated posts from this time last year or the year before, and then were defunct. So much for those blogging resolutions.

One of the results I got was for an archived post from this time last year at Christine Kane‘s Blog. Upon visiting, I was happy to discover that Christine bucked the trend and, although her blog was not exclusively devoted to New Year’s resolutions, she did certainly make good on her version of resolve, and continues to find ways to better herself and her community annually, throughout the year.

Christine Kane’s Blog – Why You Should Go

Quite likely the reason that Christine has succeeded where so many others have failed is that she does not take the traditional approach to Resolutions for the New Year. Why not? Because she knows what we all know—resolutions hardly ever succeed, because they approach change from the wrong angle, and they take on too much in too short a time.

To remedy the situation, Christine resolved years ago not to make a resolution, but to choose a word for change for the entire New Year instead. It’s a simple concept with a very reasonable foundation and one that is proving successful for not only Christine and her co-founding friend, but for the many readers and commenters at her blog. This, married with Christine’s regular focus on creativity, consciousness, and courageousness, combines to make hers an excellent blog for those of us who truly hope to elicit change in the New Year. It is also an excellent blog to follow throughout as you continue on that path to success and fulfillment.

Summing Up Christine Kane’s Blog

Christine’s blog is in full-swing with this year’s Word of the Year initiative, so it is prime time to join in the success and empowerment. As you look for successful supports for your New Year’s resolutions, this is a blog you’ll want to see, and one you’ll want to revisit over and over again to maintain that success for all the days of 2009 (and beyond!).

Go here to check out Christine Kane’s Blog.

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