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The Slacker Method

Jacques is a slacker, and he’s not ashamed of it. In fact, he’s embraced it, and made an entire blog and life built upon his so-dubbed “Slacker Method.” But why would anyone want to commit their life to being a slacker? Because in the end, it just makes sense for some people, and it really isn’t all that different than what the rest of us are struggling to achieve.

The Slacker Method – Why You Should Go

Jacques does not see slacking as being equivalent to laziness; it is simply a lifestyle choice, and an alternative way to get things done. Realistically, what Jacques calls “slacking” is really simplification, with the end goal and result being a contented existence with more time and less stress. Sound like a familiar goal to you? Jacques explains it this way:

“Somewhere along the way I learned that being a slacker and having success in life are not mutually exclusive. People have this belief that successful individuals are made that way through luck or through mind numbing intense labor and struggle. I’m a believer that we can have everything we want without any huge effort and that regardless of what others say, slackers “deserve” it just as much as them.”

At the blog you will find posts that help you achieve this simplified life. These are real, useful posts, too. There is a slacker method for absolutely everything, from preparing for disaster (natural or economic) to completing a triathlon. So, you see, this method is decidedly not about lazing through your day, it’s just about doing it in a way that meshes with your own chosen lifestyle.

Summing Up The Slacker Method

Few people would argue against the fact that life today has gotten harried and out of control; that is precisely why blogs about productivity, life balance, and stress reduction are so popular. The Slacker Method gives an alternative option to the madness. Perhaps the life of a slacker isn’t for you, but doubtless you’ll find some tips and tricks that can benefit you in your life, regardless.

Go here to check out The Slacker Method.

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