The Dad’s Side Of Birth And Beyond

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Dads Adventure

Dads Adventure is the blog subsidiary of the internationally recognized Dads Adventure, Inc. The program got its start well in advance of the internet, and has continued on to great success, now operating an online element to offer even greater support to expecting and new fathers.

Dads Adventure – Why You Should Go

If you live in the U.S. there is a very good chance you have heard something about one segment or another of the Dads Adventure programs. This endeavor started with Greg Bishop in 1990 with the creation of the Boot Camp for New Dads (BCND) programs, which were presented in hospitals and community programs as a means of introducing and educating new and expectant fathers, and was featured in the national media a number of times; the program is now available in most U.S. states and also internationally in Japan and Italy. In 1995 the publishing element was added under the moniker of Dads Adventure, and both have continued to grow from there. More recently the parent website added this blog of the same name.

The blog maintains the same mission and goals and educational expertise that the rest of the BCND and Dads Adventure projects do, in dedication to helping fathers navigate these new and often scary waters, and in dedication to helping those fathers raise happy, healthy kids through supportive, effective, and meaningful relationships.

“Dads Adventure, Inc. is dedicated to fostering the development of role models for new fathers in their communities, neighborhoods and families by working to put out positive, constructive information and messages, as well as tools and resources that help them do the job.”

Summing Up Dads Adventure

Dads Adventure had long been serving new fathers and their families. With over 200,000 graduates of the BCND program, publishing credits, national and international recognition, and a website full of excellent resources, this is a name and an initiative you can trust.

Go here to check out Dads Adventure.

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