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Thoughts From Along the Broken Road

Thoughts from Along the Broken Road is Dawn‘s blog, which is probably best described as a personal blog, but could in many ways be fitting of a category like personal development or self improvement as well. The blog is her journey through life and all the things that interest and amuse her.

Thoughts From Along the Broken Road – Why You Should Go

Dawn has lots of words to describe herself (she would probably be a very good candidate for In Cinq!), preferring to use concise descriptions of a few words or less when she explains herself or her blog. Likewise most of her posts are short and sweet, to the point, which makes them refreshing and easy to follow along with. Dawn describes her blog as

“personal observations inspired by my life & the world around me. my own revelations & thoughts. snippets of wisdom. random insanity. joy. gratitude. silliness. attempts to be insightful…or not so much. laughter & tears. ME.”

One of the best features of Dawn’s blog is her regular posts of gratitude, finding Grace In Small Things. These are near daily quick lists of five things to be grateful for for the day. They can be anything, but the effect of this very simple exercise is powerful—it helps the reader to take stock and find gratitude in their own lives, and helps us to see how simple appreciation can be.

Summing Up Thoughts From Along the Broken Road

As Dawn says, her blog really is just “her”. This is a blog to visit to meet and follow along with a new friend as she picks her way along her life path, and also a place to frequent to empower yourself through the small graces of life. Learn to appreciate the little things with Dawn, and

Go here to check out Thoughts From Along the Broken Road.

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