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Original Faith

There are many blogs, books, and resources that deal with the nature and topic of spirituality and religion. But there are few that deal with that topic at its most fundamental level—at the level of personal faith and meaning, regardless of religious or spiritual affiliation. One of the select few people who is dealing with this fundamental is Paul M. Martin, author of Original Faith (which is altogether a personal life experience, a book, and blog).

Original Faith – Why You Should Go

Original Faith is the culmination of a lifetime of experience, reflection, and research. But unlike the majority of faith-based initiatives this is not one that started in religion. On the contrary, Paul M. Martin started his journey because of his lack of religion—but still ever-present system of personal belief.

What ultimately occurred to Paul is that although he was not a particularly religious being, he was still a spiritual one. He was still a person of faith even though he was not a person with categorical beliefs. This made him understand that people are, fundamentally, spiritual or faithful, and that there is true power in being cognizant of that and of embracing the power of faith for what it is. It is this strong faith that has brought Paul through both good times and bad (including a debilitating disease from which he still suffers and which has severely limited his physical abilities), and helped him realize the power within—the power of personal spirituality and positivity.

Summing Up Original Faith

Original Faith is a place where anyone, with any degree of religious or spiritual belief, or even a complete lack of it, will feel welcome as they explore their own personal experience. As Paul says, his blog is a space “where respect for all viewpoints on religion is a spiritual passion.” It would seem this includes as well a complete lack of religious belief. More than anything this is a place for respectful exploration and discussion. Like others, it’s not a place of answers; it’s a place of enlightenment and perhaps a little guidance; a place for “Finding the interfaith soul of progressive religion and spirituality.”

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