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Freakedout Fathers

There really is no shortage of parenting advice or websites, albeit at varying levels of usefulness and authority. It’s probably fair to say that a great many of those are weighted more toward the female side of living with children than the male. And so it is good that there are excellent, real-life blogs and websites out there to help men navigate their own unique way around the spectrum that is life with children and family. Peter Aldin‘s Freakedout Fathers is one such place.

Freakedout Fathers – Why You Should Go

Freakedout Fathers is the work of the aforementioned Peter Aldin, Australian personal and professional coach with an emphasis on communication—which one might think is ideal for life with children, unless you have ever lived life with children. Peter is the first to admit that professional preparedness does not equal preparedness for parenthood. For that, you need more—you need understanding, comrades, and experience. Yes, that means that you might be destined to make a few mistakes and live in a cloud of doubt from time to time, but then, that’s what Peter and his blog community are here for—to give men a place to connect and commiserate and learn from the trials and experiences of each other.

Peter’s blog has the dual advantage of knowledge and experience. Peter and his blog are here to raise the issues of parenting from the male perspective, to offer resources and advice, and to help you work though them in a down-to-earth and oft humorous way through education and identification.

Summing Up Freakedout Fathers

Freakedout Fathers is an obvious choice for a Dad, but there is a lot here of value for Mothers and others, too. First off, (if the men can forgive the female intrusion) there is a lot that women can learn here about just what goes through the minds of a father, at a level of understanding not often seen that can really help couples and parents come to terms with each other’s opinions and actions. Secondly, a lot of what men go through women experience, too, particularly in these modern days where issues of work and family are shared and not solely the domain of men anymore. Not to paint the place pink, as we know Peter has his own opinions about over-feminising the male space, but this is a blog of real value for anyone facing the challenges of child-rearing; a blog with great potential to more than the audience it is intended for, with the potential to also help bridge the divide of misunderstanding between mothers and fathers.

Go here to check out Freakedout Fathers.

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3 Responses to “Where Freakedout Fathers Overcome Overwhelm”

  1. Pete Aldin Says:

    This is a nice surprise, Mary, thankyou! You said “professional preparedness does not equal preparedness for parenthood.” Great phrase and I concur. :) What works in the books and movies is usually much harder work in real life and can’t be taken in isolation from other factors. We’re working at Freakedout to help Dads have more fun being Dad. Yes, you all heard me, IT CAN BE FUN…

    Mary, I find your reviews here helpful honest and generous. And despite the preponderence of testosterone there, you’re perfectly welcome at Freakedout any time you care to leave a comment or anecdote. Cheers!

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Thanks Pete. Glad you liked it! You’re on a great mission there. One of the things both my husband and I have had to learn over the last 10 years (with 4 kids)is that happiness often depends on letting go of meaningless stress and guilt. That’s probably task #1 to enjoying parenthood. You’re right, it can be fun, but it’s tough to see that a lot of the time!

    In all honesty I did have more than one lightbulb moment at you blog, finally understanding where Bill’s coming from on some of these issues and why we’ve never been able to see eye to eye on some points. (Although I do have to say I almost always ask his opinion on house colors :) ). I really meant it that following a blog like this lends a lot of potential to reaching common ground!

    Thank you for the compliments on the reviews–the feedback is a great motivator! I may put on my testosterone mask and take you up on your offer one of these days! LOL

    Thanks and keep up the great work–Dads need more resources like yours that actually recognize their side of the equation!

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