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Writing to Survive

Writing to Survive is how one woman, also a mother, is finding ways to reconcile her past and find intellectual stimulation in the midst of it all. Hers is a blog that is hard to categorize, as it is part work-in progress, storytelling, personal blog, and writing exercise. But the whole is a blog that is both entertaining and a bit unsettling, and completely engaging.

Writing to Survive – Why You Should Go

There are many things that stay at home mothers and those with an unsettled past can find to relate to on Jennifer‘s blog. What all are sure to find refreshing, though, is that Jennifer has the courage to be blatantly honest about her feelings and her place in life, in a way that is not always deemed socially appropriate (case in point, see what Jennifer has to say about being a stay at home mom); and what makes that so refreshing is that, if we are being honest too, Jennifer is far from alone—she’s only in scant company because she if forthright when others choose to wear the appropriate guise. And for those who can relate, that is empowering, too.

Summing Up Writing to Survive

Jennifer’s Writing to Survive blog is one that enjoys a bit of a multiple-personality. The diversity that that creates is endearing in its own way, making this a blog that is entertaining (in the way that all good dramas are). Join Jennifer on her journey, and maybe learn a few things about self-growth and forgiveness, and see how another has worked to come back through less than optimal experiences.

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4 Responses to “Writing To Survive”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you very much for this review!

    It’s very interesting to see my blog from another perspective, too (though it does remind me to list one of the good things about being a stay-at-home Mom: my son! :) ).

    Thanks again,


  2. the fearless blog Says:

    You have written a great post on a truly great blog.

    Jennifer is not only a brave and courageous individual for candidly sharing her thoughts and feelings, but she is also a talented and gifted writer who easily draws the reader into her world. Whether you are a mom or not, you feel connected to her writing because it is real and alive.

  3. Mary Ward Says:

    Agreed completely, Fearless. Well said. And you know, it’s helpful for others (Dads, friends, etc) to see life from the other side, too.

    Thanks for the comments and compliments!

  4. Mary Ward Says:


    You’re welcome! Perspective is a powerful tool, isn’t it?

    But don’t worry, it’s a given that your son is a bonus and we don’t doubt your love or value for him. I don’t know if you realize how much it helps others just to hear statements like yours that being a SAHM is not an easy thing. I’ve made similar comments on various aspects of parenting to friends and family and nearly brought certain individuals to tears of relief knowing they are not the only ones! Not being “picture perfect” does not make you a bad parent, Mom or Dad.

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