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Beyond Mom

Beyond Mom is the place where blogger and corporate/finance writer Jennifer Gniadecki proves that she is multitalented. As if her tagline wasn’t proof enough (“So it turns out I can write AND breed. Will wonders never cease?“) the blog lends plenty to back up her claims. Jennifer proves that being a Mom goes far beyond the child-rearing, yet is never entirely separate from it.

Beyond Mom – Why You Should Go

Beyond Mom is a blog that’s a bit about everything that touches Jenny’s life. There are posts about finance, children, children and finance, personal stories, and MommyBlog Reviews, all informative and all delivered with a touch of humor. And if her blog is not enough, loads of links will help you find anything your heart desires of similar interest. It’s a life and a blog any Mom can relate to—perhaps superficially harried (in the best of ways), but all the while meaningful and productive.

Summing Up Beyond Mom

Beyond Mom is an easy read because of Jennifer Gniadecki’s easy-going, relatable style. Mom or Dad, this is a blog with plenty to offer, and plenty of information that you’ll find useful and interesting.

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