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Grad Money Matters

Grad Money Matters started after the realization of the author that after graduation, money does in fact matter in life—a lot.

Grad Money Matters – Why You Should Go

Grad Money Matters was started by its anonymous author when the realization quickly hit that after graduation there is real life and real bills to pay, and real importance in matters of personal finance. So the author set out to create a blog that spoke intelligently about personal finance and money management in the real world. The author (who goes by the admittedly random pseudonym of Ispf) clearly states that he or she is not a professional financial advisor, but is just a regular person with an intelligent interest in maintaining good personal financial health, and blogging what is learned along the way.

Today, Grad Money Matters has grown from that original intent, and includes not only intelligent and useful posts by the author, but also a number of guest posts from some very notable contributors. It has clearly become what the author intended, and probably even exceeded that goal more than once.

Summing Up Grad Money Matters

Grad Money Matters is an excellent resource for topics relating to personal finance and money management. It talks in real-world language about real-world issues, helping you take better control of your financial life.

Go here to check out Grad Money Matters.

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