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Millionaire Mommy Next Door

Jen, the Millionaire Mommy, is a mom with a mission. Her mission is to give back and help others achieve the level of good-living and contentment that she and her husband, now family, have achieved. Her gift to the world is the vast amounts of practical and real financial information she has amassed on her way to becoming financially free—a millionaire the likes of which could be living right alongside of you.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door – Why You Should Go

“I want to share the story of our journey from minimum wage to financial freedom because I’m at a point where I’d like to give back. The financial industry is rarely focused on women – my intention is to offer a supportive community and a female perspective.”

Jen forged her path to financial and life wellness by educating herself and living well within her means, all the while pursuing the lifestyle that suited her and hers best. On her blog she shares just how this was done and also expands into other posts detailing how you can do it too. It’s a site filled with understandable financial information and advice in a community of support and helpfulness.

Summing Up Millionaire Mommy Next Door

Millionaire Mommy Jen offers a fresh perspective on being financially sound and free to enjoy life absent the stress of money. The blog takes its focus from aligning your spending with the lifestyle you want (whatever that lifestyle is) and away from the notion of keeping up appearances. This is an inspiring blog that offers a complement of good advice, good information, confidence, and support.

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